Monday, November 29, 2010

Watch Tangled Online

Disney's Tangled (2010) was released on November 24th and is soon to be available to watch online. Our blog will announce the place to watch Tangled instantly after it's published, so just bookmark this url.

Here's the Disney's Tangled trailer to watch while waiting for the full movie:

While waiting for the online version of Tangled, get yourself one of the special toys. When I first saw the doll it looked so much like in the movie that I just instantly bought one. Place your mouse over the link to see the picture: Disney Tangled Rapunzel Doll

And here's this kit I also have: Disney Princess Travel Vanity Set

PS. Bookmark this page so you're able to return for the full movie easily.

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The Walking Dead - Episode 6: TS-19

If you're like me awaiting for The Walking Dead season finale next Sunday, it's time to make sure you don't miss extras like "Inside Episode 5", "Episode 6 Sneak Peek Video" and other on AMC TV website.

BTW, AMC has already announced The Walking Dead will be continued for season 2, so congrats to all fans!!! :)

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Watch Euronews Live Stream Online

As you probably know, Euronews is a European TV news channel, so it's the best place to get the news from a European perspective.

Free live streams of Euronews are available on multiple sites. One of them is original where you can also participate in online discussions. You can also try as they also have other television streams to watch for free.

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Watch Lithuanian TV For Free

The website of my choice for watching TV from around the world definitely is Satellite Direct, but the are also other options you can try.

One of the mentioned options to watch free Lithuanian TV is website. There are 5 publicly available TV channels to choose from, however you may want to read how to unlock additional 6 Lithuanian TV channels so you're able to see a total of 11 channels.

The five available channels are: TV3, TV6, Lietuvos Ryto TV, Balticum-TV and Sport1.
The 6 additional channels are: LTV, LTV2, LNK, TV1, Liuks TV and Info TV.

PS. All TV on is in Lithuanian, so if you're looking for a watch in other languages you still have to use Satellite Direct.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lithuanian TV Online - Free Again (Unblock

As you have probably noticed, has blocked some of the channels because of losing copyright infringement cases against those channels. There's a way however to unlock the site and watch all 11 Lithuanian TV channels again (or watch TV in English).

Step 1
Open any working tv channel on will do just fine.

Step 2
Login as you normally would to see your selected channel.

Step 3
Now that you already have a TV player window open and get your channel loading, paste one of these codes in your browser's address bar and press Enter.

The address bar is the place you type "" after launching the browser :)

And here are the slightly different codes you'll need to use for each channel to launch (don't copy the channel name itself, the codes start with a "javascript:" part):

javascript:Rayv.Embed("RayvControlContainer", {"InstallMode":"OnClick","CoverImageURL":"","Affiliate":"15min","Language":"en","ChannelID":"sl_ltv1","SessionActive":"1","InitParams":"allowDVR=true&allowDetach=1&ChannelID=sl_ltv1"});

javascript:Rayv.Embed("RayvControlContainer", {"InstallMode":"OnClick","CoverImageURL":"","Affiliate":"15min","Language":"en","ChannelID":"sl_ltv2","SessionActive":"1","InitParams":"allowDVR=true&allowDetach=1&ChannelID=sl_ltv2"});

javascript:Rayv.Embed("RayvControlContainer", {"InstallMode":"OnClick","CoverImageURL":"","Affiliate":"15min","Language":"en","ChannelID":"sl_lnk","SessionActive":"1","InitParams":"allowDVR=true&allowDetach=1&ChannelID=sl_lnk"});

javascript:Rayv.Embed("RayvControlContainer", {"InstallMode":"OnClick","CoverImageURL":"","Affiliate":"15min","Language":"en","ChannelID":"sl_tv1","SessionActive":"1","InitParams":"allowDVR=true&allowDetach=1&ChannelID=sl_tv1"});

I'm not pasting codes for other channels as they are still publicly available on website. Have a nice watching ;-)

PS. Use your PC to watch more TV channels